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Press Releases : Land Purchase Agreement With Ridley Brothers

Omicron Development Inc. (Omicron) announced today that they are leading a land purchase agreement with Ridley Bros. Development Co. Ltd. for approximately 20 acres of a portion of the Allandale Lands in the City of Colwood. This initial purchase comprises four properties located adjacent to the intersection of the Veterans Memorial Parkway and Allandale Road just south of the Veterans Memorial Parkway and Sooke Road intersection.

Designated as a Mixed-Use Employment Centre in the City of Colwood 2018 Official Community Plan (OCP), the Allandale lands are some of the last remaining parcels of property available for employment-based redevelopment in the area. Omicron recognizes the economic importance and development potential of the Mixed-Use Employment Centre designation to the City of Colwood to create jobs and increase revenue for continued growth in this area. The properties will be developed by Omicron on behalf of individual end user groups whose requirements reflect the current zoning of M2 General Industrial as well as the OCP designation of the Mixed-Use Employment Centre, which requires re-zoning a portion of the lands (Lot 2/B and Lot C – see attached plan).

Site preparation is underway, and Omicron is working with the City of Colwood to improve existing community infrastructure. This includes a controlled intersection at Allandale Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway, multi-use pathway development on the north and south sides of Allandale Road, expansion and median development of Veterans Memorial Parkway, and sewer and water service expansion

The final form of the development for this initial Allandale redevelopment phase will be complete once lots 2/B and C have been re-zoned.

In the interim, Omicron will submit for Development Permit in December 2019 for Lot 3 (5.88 acres) and in March 2020 for Lot 1/A (3.9 acres). As the proposed uses for both these lots falls within the M2 General Industrial zoning, the expectation is that regulatory approval will advance to allow for businesses on Lot 3 to open mid-year 2021 and those on Lot 1/A by summer of 2021.

The form of development conceived for Lot 2/B and 3 are consistent with the current M2 General Industrial zoning butrequire re-zoning for additional uses encouraged under the OCP designation as a Mixed-Use Employment Centre. Prior to submission of the re-zoning applications (Lots 2/B & 3) in April 2020, Omicron will hold a series of community open houses to explore and discuss concepts with Colwood residents. The feedback received from City of Colwood residents will be addressed and included in the re-zoning applications.

Omicron will continue to provide regular updates as the redevelopment plan for Allandale progresses.

Allandale Lands – Lots and Roadways

About Omicron:

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